CellFlow Technology

Powerful and fast.

Our patented CellFlow Technology efficiently cleans the air from the most harmful particles through a combination of ionization and our unique Eco Precision Filter. Ionization means that we make the particles in the air negatively charged, while the Eco Precision Filter is slightly positively charged. This way particles are caught in the filter very much in the same way a magnet works.

Our CellFlow Eco Precision Filter enables fast cleaning of large amounts of air with low noise and minimal power consumption. This is because the filter has a unique sparse layered design with low air resistance. The Eco Precision Filter is also smartly made from recycled materials and lasts up to three times longer than conventional filters. CellFlow is an ecologic, economic and very efficient air purifier –making it a great solution for both you and our planet.

This is how it works

Not just any ordinary filter

The patented CellFlow technology has a sparsely designed spiral filter, EcoPrecision. The filter is coated with the exact right charge to trap the particles coming from the ion generation charging chamber. Because of the sparse design, the air resistance is low and the airflow can be low, which enables a whisper-silent operation with very low energy consumption.

On top of this, the EcoPrecision filter is made out of recyclable materials, is cleanable, and therefore lasts up to six times longer than conventional filters. Just amazing for both you and the environment