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There are many fields of industry where clean air will affect the product or service sold.  Our objective is to keep the air clean from particles that affects the process and thereby increase income and minimize loss. The return of investment is large and fast. Just think about how pollution particles cause high service cost and even standstill time for machinery and robots in manufacturing . Keeping the air clean from microbes and fungus is vital in food and bevarge production to keep the raw products fresh as long as possible. LightAir offer an effective solution to keep the air clean for better business.  



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Why offer clean air for your business?

There are three aspects of the doctor’s office which need to be addressed when thinking about an air purifier. In the first place, it is probably assumed that many of the people, who visit, the patients, will be carrying virus or bacteria which need to be removed from the air in the premises. Secondly, it may well be assumed that many of the patients, being unwell, will have immune systems less than fully able to defend them against attack from virus and bacteria. Thirdly, the staff will be continuously exposed to risk – particularly the doctors and nurses who works in close proximity to the patients. 

Research shows that the indoor air of most doctors’ offices is full of microorganisms such as dust, bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. The levels of hygiene on medical premises should obviously be very high, it is thus vital that the air purifiers that are specified for doctor’s offices must be able to deal with indoor pollution in high quantities. It is a also of outmost importance to keep airborne microorganisms to a minimum to be able to protect the staff, patients, and the visitors from infections.

Not a particle between the lenses

Hasselblad professional cameras have choosen LightAir air purification solutions in the manufacturing of their cameras. The process is delicate and requires a clean environment to keep highest quality.

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