Industrial Solutions
Air cleaning systems for a better working environment that improves people's health and business performance.
Employer health | Cost reduction | Less maintenance

Industrial environments

High-quality air purifiers for industrial environments

LightAir has a wide range of air purifiers for industrial environments where the air may have a high load of asbestos, construction dust, fibers, pollen or welding fumes. The air purifiers contribute to a healthier working environment with reduced sick leave by up to 20% and reduced production loss.

CellFlow technology

Low energy consumption and extremely quiet

The products are based on our patented CellFlow technology and have a capacity of 300 – 8500 m3/h and take particles all the way down to PM 0.05. For the larger models, self-cleaning is standard, making them nearly maintenance-free.

The products have low energy consumption, are extremely quiet and you only need to change the filter every 18 months. This makes them economical for both you and your working environment.

Employer health

Good indoor air quality leads to higher productivity, fewer sick days, and decreased employee turnover. A clean, dust-free environment also makes it easier to comply with environmental and health regulations.

Cost reduction

Clean air reduces cleaning requirements and enable employees to focus on their core business instead of maintaining equipment.

Less maintenance

When dust gets into equipment, it means more frequent maintenance and even stops in production lines. Clean air at work can cut downtime, saving you time and money.

CellFlow 900 SSC

Long-lasting filter
Sizes 400/600/900 m3
Semi self-cleaning

CellFlow 2500

Long-lasting filter
Sizes 2500/5000 m3

CellFlow 5000 M

Long-lasting filter
Sizes 2500/5000 m3

CellFlow 8500 SC

Long-lasting filter
Sizes 5000/8500m3
Food industry
Engineering industry
Manufacturing industry
Commodity industry

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