CellFlow Mini 100

Designed for rooms up to 215sq ft/20 m²

Compact & powerful

CellFlow Mini 100

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Product benefits

Your health is our passion and clean air is what we know everything about.

  • Effectively cleans the air from the most common pollutants such as smoke, pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants.
  • Uses our patented long lastning EcoPrecion filter made from recycled materials. Only need to change every 18 months. Making it a great solution for both you and our planet.
  • Compact Swedish design for easy placement in your home and easy to bring along making it the perfect travel companion. 
  • Whisper silent. Ensures that you can have a perfect night’s sleep – free from pollutants – no matter where you are. 
  • Low energy consumption and low operational cost 

With unique technology
we make you feel better

We all know that clean air is essential to good health and that it’s a basic human need. Each and every day the average adult breathes about 20’000 litres of air. And every time you inhale you breath in particles that are in the air all around you, whereof most are invisable to the naked eye.

LightAir CellFlow technology with its EcoPrecision Filter combined with ionization enablesincredibly fast cleaning of large amounts of air with low noise and minimal power consumption. The Eco Precision Filter is also smartly made from recycled materials and lasts up to three times longer than conventional filters. 



21.6 x 21 x 8.6 cm/8.5 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches


2.21 lbs / 1 kg 

Room size:

207-215 sq ft / 10-20 m²

Noise level:

20 – 38 dB(A)

Energy consumption:

1.5 – 3 W


EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC


High: 100, Low: 45. Particle reduction PM 0.02

Speed levels:


Filter exchange:

18 months