Dutch schools opt for LightAir's anti-virus air purification system

LightAir's partner Habitat Solutions BV has sold virus-inhibiting air purification to six more Dutch schools. Habitat has been a long-standing partner of LightAir in the Benelux in mainly consumer-oriented sales and distribution. Recently, like LightAir, it has begun a clearer processing of commercial and industrial target groups, which has now begun to show clear results.

In late fall 2022, the distributor Habitat installed virus-inhibiting air purification from LightAir at two schools in the Netherlands. Now six more schools, run by the same foundation, have ordered similar installations worth about 400 TSEK for LightAir. 

Active air cleaning is of increasing interest and importance also in Swedish schools as well as offices and industries. Clean air contributes to a healthier environment and increased productivity, with less sick leave and improved learning. Research and studies show that children and young people's cognitive abilities and learning are negatively affected by particle levels in schools and educational facilities1

"Habitat and their dedicated work in the Benelux is an important part of our long-term strategy to become a larger and more successful B2B air purification company," says Peter Svensk, CEO of LightAir. "Like LightAir, it has begun to focus increasingly on commercial and industrial customer segments. Initially, this has created business mainly with schools and stakeholders in manufacturing industries. Particularly exciting in this case is that in a short period of time, the company has gone from two to a total of eight schools, while the foundation in question operates a total of eighty schools in the region. Habitat's success benefits us in the form of concrete orders, while our ongoing contacts with our friends in Rotterdam constantly reinforce our confidence in our stated B2B strategy."

The current air purification technology, IonFlow, has been scientifically proven to have a neutralizing effect on various airborne viruses and thus be able to significantly reduce the spread of infection. This is partly due to a seven-year research project at Karolinska Institutet, the conclusions of which have been published in Nature Scientific Reports2. The often ceiling-mounted air purifiers are also part of a subscription offer of "clean air as a service" aimed at Swedish offices and schools, a service package that has previously also been awarded the International Facility Management Association's Nordic innovation prize.


1 See for example the in-depth study of 39 Catalan schools published in PLOS Medicine: Association between Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Schools and Cognitive Development in Primary School Children: A Prospective Cohort Study.

2 Published report from the research project can be found at Nature Scientific Reports(link to external English language report).

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