Manage the 16 meeting without energy drinks and coffee?

- without energy drinks or coffee

Do you feel tired at the end of the working day? Your indoor air is crucial to feeling strong enough to get through the day. Better indoor air helps you maintain energy levels in a healthy way.

You should not have to drink energy drinks or coffee in the afternoon to get through your workday. That afternoon meeting will only be demanding and unproductive if you are tired.

The only question is how to keep your energy levels up without loading up on sugar and caffeine - a common solution to the problem.

The key factors for maintaining a steady energy level throughout the day are food intake, sleep and the air you breathe. If you eat food that doesn't just give you a temporary energy boost, and sleep your six hours a night, you are well placed to maintain your energy levels.

But it also requires clean and healthy air in the workplace. A person breathes more than 8 000 breaths a day, if the air in the office is unhealthy, it will cause physical damage. In the short term, it results in feelings of fatigue, reduced concentration, difficulty in performing tasks and headaches.

"You would probably never drink dirty water, and it's just as bad if you breathe bad air," says Joakim Hansson, Business Area Manager at LightAir, which works daily to deliver clean air, free of both harmful particles and viruses.

The technology in LightAir's air purifiers and virus inhibitors has been tested by several prominent research institutes, including a seven-year study at Karolinska Institutet and a study at IrsiCaixa in Spain.

"The market is flooded with products that claim to rid the air of particles, even viruses, but very few have convincing scientific evidence," says Mattias Wahlgren, Group Innovation Manager at Coor, a large facility management group that has LightAir Health+ installed at its headquarters in Stockholm. "I became very interested when I realized that LightAir's technology was backed by evidence from the seven-year independent study led by Karolinska Institutet."

A safe workplace offers clean air

So what is bad air? There is a wide range of examples, and the problems can come from many different sources. These include bacteria and allergens that people unknowingly bring into the building, particles in the building itself such as harmful printer particles from printers, or exhaust fumes from outside traffic entering the premises.

The ventilation in the building moves the particles around and disperses them - likewise, the movement of people in the building affects the dispersion. Furthermore, their exhaled air affects the quality, as do other particles generated by the daily activity in the office.

Mold is another problem that is quite common. And if it's black mold, it can have a really serious impact on the health of people who regularly spend long hours in the building, such as asthma and respiratory infections.

"The best thing is to ensure that the air circulating in the room is of the highest quality. Then employees can rest assured that they are not being harmed by their working environment. In addition, you can reduce sick leave and keep energy levels up so that productivity improves. In this way, you simply create a humanly sustainable workplace," says Joakim Hansson.

Especially important for allergy and asthma sufferers

For those with allergies or asthma, fresh, clean air is particularly important. For these individuals, indoor air is absolutely fundamental to their daily well-being and thus how alert and awake they feel.

Research shows that over 20 percent of Sweden's population suffers from pollen allergy, and 10 percent have asthma. LightAir's products have proven to make a big difference for these people.

"I have much less trouble here than at home," says pollen allergy sufferer Victoria Åkerström, a group manager at Coor. "It's wonderful, I feel a huge difference."

LightAir offers a subscription solution where you don't have to buy products and then worry about regular maintenance. Instead, your supplier installs the equipment and maintains it without you having to lift a finger - all for a fixed subscription cost and an ongoing warranty commitment.

The company's air purifiers can be mounted on the ceiling and are the quietest on the market. So you will not be disturbed by them. You only get the positive side of the equation, namely clean air at a predictable cost and without administration. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

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