Main focus on industrial air cleaning
LightAir is up to the task regardless of your air quality challenges. The greater the challenge and need, the greater the benefits of our offer.
Cleaning the air in the most demanding industries and the largest warehouses

LightAir CellFlow Industrial Series

Easy to compare - even easier to choose

Our portfolio of industrial solutions is in a league of its own in terms of industry leadership. We are proud to be unrivaled in areas such as purification efficiency, energy consumption and self-cleaning.

Facing small and giant challenges

Covering more than 200,000 square meters for a Finnish customer

Due to its market-leading capabilities in terms of efficiency and life-cycle costs, SOK (Finnish COOP) has installed hundreds of our large industrial air cleaners in two state-of-the-art automated warehouses in Finland.

Rest assured that LightAir has the solution for you. We have smaller customers with a single air purifier at a single workstation, up to an installed capacity outside Helsinki covering areas equivalent to more than 40 football fields!

Delivering clean air to leading industries and warehouses

Your B2B partner for improved indoor air quality

Over the years, we have delivered air cleaning solutions to a variety of industrial segments.

From local carpentry shops to heavy industries, via automated warehouses to the deepest mine shafts. Our large industrial cleaners are also used in larger spaces such as medieval churches and conference centers.

Satisfied customers

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Hen and bird flu

Increased risk of bird flu in Europe

Avian influenza is raging in several regions of Europe. Earlier this winter, much of southern Sweden was classified as a high-risk area for further spread of this viral infection. At the same time, there are proven technologies that help us with improved virus control.

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Picture of Sto Scandinavia in Linköping
Case studies

Sto got cleaner air at lower cost

Particle-intensive industry cleans air with crushingly low life cycle costs. Read more about how Sto Scandinavia meets its tough challenges in a factory and warehouse in Linköping.

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