Farming & agriculture
The air quality is fundamental for any healthy agriculture and animal husbandry production.
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The difference-maker in your greenhouse

Clean air for sustainable farming

Together with light, soil and water, clean air is one of your most important ingredients for successful and high-quality cultivation. Research shows how the combination of our two technologies gives you greater results in a greenhouse.

LightAir AgroPro

A solution for specific needs

Together with farmers and professional equestrians, LightAir has developed AgroPro. This offering is based on the patented LightAir technologies, adapted to the specific needs of cultivation, equestrian sports and animal husbandry.

One tool against two conflicting challenges

Healthier animal husbandry

Keeping the spread of infections low while reducing the use of antibiotics is of the utmost importance for an increasingly sustainable and profitable animal husbandry. Air quality is a cornerstone of this work.
Animal husbandry

Poultry and egg

Healthy animals equal healthy businesses

Production of poultry and egg are both extremely sensitive to illnesses. Let’s fight the spread of infections by providing clean air. The health of every animal is of utmost importance to keep production with minimum loss and attain good-quality products.

Pig farmers

Distancing is good, clearing the air even better

Within pig farming it is common to place the different stables far apart to avoid potentially devastating effects of widely spread infections. There are clearly more ways to obtain clear air in the actual pigpen.

Cattle and milk

Reduce the use of antibiotics

A steady stream of reports shows how antibiotics must be reduced in agriculture. Technology that provides clean air that fights disease is a key in this fight. Let us discuss your specific challenges.

Equestrian sports

Need to prepare to win

Every horse owner world-wide knows the value of keeping the animals healthy and fresh. For any professional horse racing, show jumping and dressage the health status of the horses will directly affect the performance and the chances of winning.
I do everything in my power to keep my horses healthy
I do everything in my power to keep my horses in my stable healthy so they can win the race.
That is my objective! I have always been very meticulous with disinfectioning my stables and in my new stable I changed the entire ventilation system when I moved in.
LightAir AgoPro was the finishing touch!
I installed AgroPro at every second box and I have noticed a difference in the number of infections during the year.
Since the installation I have not had any larger outbreaks and I have noticed that the horses have a much better general condition over the year.
AgoPro is also extremly easy to maintain. It only needs a wash off every second week and no expensive filters to replace.

Svante Båth
Professional harness racer
Picture of Sto Scandinavia in Linköping
Case studies

Sto got cleaner air at a lower cost

Particle-intensive industry purifies air with crushingly low life cycle costs. Learn more about how Sto Scandinavia meets its tough challenges in a factory and warehouse in Linköping.

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Finnish flags on mass
Case studies

Winner of a Finnish public tender

LightAir’s local partner Industless Oy has won a public tender with a municipality in Finland. The deal concerns subscriptions within air purification and the commercial segment, primarily for office and school environments.

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