LightAir Health+ is an innovative solution for air purification that consists of two complementary technologies.

First, highly efficient air purifiers that lower the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollutants, viruses and ultrafine particles are removed from the indoor air.

The second component consists of patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek out and destroy residual airborne viruses in the air, immediately and continuously without any filtration.

Two technologies providing double protection

Passive protection
Indoor air free from the finest and
most harmful pollutants

The powerful CellFlow technology removes 99,99% of the finest and most harmful particles and allergens, such as traffic pollution, pollen, formaldehyde, printer particles, mold and more.

Active protection
Destroys viruses, while they're still in the air

The scientifically proven IonFlow technology provides in-the-air virus inactivation by 97%, minimizing the spread of the most common virus-infections such as influenza, colds, and winter vomiting. 

Increase productivity and reduce sick leave – reach out for free consultation

LightAir Health+ Tools

CellFlow - Removes the finest and most harmful particles

Specifications (CellFlow Pro900)
  • Powerful particle removal  H14 level of filtration
    (PM0,1 99,99% and PM0,3 99,99%)
  • Recommended room size: 80-200 m²
  • CADR: low 300  medium 450  high 950
  • Noise level: 23 – 31 – 49 dB(A)
  • Energy consumption: 15  25  70 W 

LightAir Health+ Tools

IonFlow - Unique in-the-air virus deactivation by 97%

  • Scientifically proven to inactivate viruses by 97%, while they’re still in the air
  • Fine particle removal down to PM0,007
  • Recommended room size: up to 50-60 m²
  • Noise level: 21dB (A)
  • Energy consumption: 7W

Improve wellbeing and reduce sick days

Investing in an efficient solution to provide clean and healthy air will raise the energy and production levels within your organization. 

There will be significantly reduced difficulties from allergies and asthma, for example. By reducing the spread of airborne diseases, many of our customers have reported a 20% reduction in sick days.

Let’s do the math together. Reach out to get your customized calculation from an experienced LightAir representative.

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How to improve daily life for children with a chronic illness?
LightAir Health+ at Bromma Enskilda School

- purification efficiency and noise levels

LightAir Health+

An all-inclusive clean air solution that combines the best of both our technologies to provide your premises with improved health, less sick days, energy and productivity.

LightAir Pure

The air indoors is more than five times worse than the outdoor air, even in the most polluted cities. The LightAir Pure solution - powered by the CellFlow technology - will ensure clean indoor air free from pollution.

Clean Air as a Service

We have packaged clean air as a service. By subscribing to clean air, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything other than taking deep breaths of clean and healthy air.

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