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Designed for large rooms up to 540 sq ft / 50 m²

Floor stand,   Fan and filter free, Ultra silent

IonFlow 2.0 Signature

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Product benefits

Your health is our passion and clean air is what we know everything about. 

  • Destroys 97% of viruses while they’re still in the air: The only air purifier scientifically proven to destroy and prevent the spread of airborne viruses
  • Removes the smallest and most harmful particles such as allergens, bacteria, dust, mold, traffic pollution & smoke all the way down to 0.007 microns.
  • No fan and still runs on full capacity to ensure that you have clean air without sounds that disturbs your sleep, work and other activities.
  • Filter-free, fan-free operation on just 5W enables low maintenance and low running costs.

Size matters.
harmful particles.

The air is full of particles such as vehicle fumes, pollen, bacteria, virus, etc. 90% of these particles, including the most harmful ones, are smaller than that 0,1 micron (PM0,1). LightAir air purifiers use negative ions, not traditional filters, to effectively remove particles all the way down to 0.007 microns. This is both extraordinary and unique.


Scientifically proven

A seven years-long scientific research project at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, published in Nature Scientific Reports proves that the IonFlow air purifier destroys over 97% of virus immediately in the air….. without passing any filter.

With unique technology
we make you feel better

We believe that the reason you are here is because you are trying  to find the best solution to improve your health. 

We all know that clean air is essential to good health and that it’s a basic human need. Each and every day the average adult breathes about 20’000 litres of air. And every time you inhale you breath in particles that are in the air all around you, whereof most are invisable to the naked eye.

LightAir IonFlow were developed with the outset of removing the finest and most harmful particles. According to third-pary governmental tests LightAir IonFlow products remove particles all the way down to PM0,007 meaning that we keep the air virtually free from the harmful particles that harms you health and that you want to avoid.



7.5×26 inches / 19×66 cm


6.2 lbs / 2.8 Kg (excl. adapter)

Room size:

approx. 540 sq ft / 50 m2

Noise level:

21 dB (A)

Energy consumption:



EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC

Particle reduction:

Especially efficient eliminating the smallest and most dangerous particles (ultra-fine particles down to 0.007 µm)

Negative ion effect:

19’000’000 negative ions/cm3 

Led Lights:

Wood: Amber Light / White: Blue Light / Black: Blue Light