Supplying top-notch services to your customers, while they are breathing bad air?
Get your indoor air quality up to pair with your deliveries

We all take a thousand breaths per hour

IAQ for memorable and healthy experiences

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is vital to our experiences. That is independently if talking about a deluxe hotel room, a top-rated restaurant or just our gym around the corner.

It is not all about masks and hand sanitizers

Safety layers for your guests

Invest in clean and virus-free air to improve your guests’ experiences and your staff’s work conditions and performance. Simply put, it is good business to care to offer clean and healthy air!

LightAir standard and customizable solutions

A complete product portfolio

We have helped thousands of businesses – including churches, gyms and restaurants – to improve their IAQ. We have the solutions for the most minor meeting and hotel rooms to the largest conference center.
Hotel & Conference
SPA, Hair & Beauty
Health Club & Gym
Picture of Sto Scandinavia in Linköping
Case studies

Sto got cleaner air at a lower cost

Particle-intensive industry purifies air with crushingly low life cycle costs. Learn more about how Sto Scandinavia meets its tough challenges in a factory and warehouse in Linköping.

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Finnish flags on mass
Case studies

Winner of a Finnish public tender

LightAir’s local partner Industless Oy has won a public tender with a municipality in Finland. The deal concerns subscriptions within air purification and the commercial segment, primarily for office and school environments.

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