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The hospitality industry including hotels & conference facilities, restaurants, spas, gym, share the objective to provide their guests with the most memorable experience. The indoor air quality is one of the key aspects in achieving this.Now your facility has the chance to improve guests’ experience and staff’s work conditions and performance. 
It is good business to offer clean and healthy air!

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Why offer clean air in your facility?​

The hospitality industry including hotels & conference facilities, restaurants, coffe shops, spas, gym, and beauty salons share the objective to provide their guests with a memorable experience. The indoor air quality is one of the key aspects in achieving this.

A hospitality facility is often an environment that has many sources of pollution. Due to the large amount of people passing through and the limited space they share the sources of pollution are often high and particular for the industry. The sources of pollution generate harmful pollutants such as bacteria, virus, allergens, skin debris, mould, fungus, carpet fumes, paint fumes, construction residue, combustion fumes, VOC, pet dander, dust mites and more.

LightAir clean air solution effectively clean the air from the most harmful pollutants and prevent spread of infections. LightAir provides your facility with a unique selling point and added value for both guests and employees.

Why choose a LightAir solution?

A hospitality environment requires an air purification solution that is powerful and fits stylishly into any interior decoration. It must be silent, especially for use in hotel rooms and conference rooms. Low energy consumption and easy maintenance is vital because of the large volume of units that might need to be handled. It should be sustainable in its entire life cycle to fit the requirements of the hospitality industry of today. Last but not least it must provide truely clean air and reduce the spread of infections from virus and bacteria. LightAir offers all these advantages and much more!

Should I stop breathing?

After a long day in the conference room it is a relief to enter the well decorated lobby that opens up to the crowded bar and restaurant. Big windows facing the busy street are letting in the evening summer light. It is warm outside, but the AC gives a relaxing temperature. Some are enjoying their dinner ordered from the open kitchen. The chefs show their great skills in the steamy and smoky kitchen, they are preparing skewers.


The indoor air quality conference I just attended suddenly makes me aware of the many pollutants I am exposed to. All these people spreading virus, bacteria, skin residue, fabric dust from their clothes and the carpet they walk on. They chat, laugh, sneeze and cough, which is all normal, but still adding to the particle concentration in the air. The combustion fumes from cars and industry is most likely filling the air inside due to their small size and ability to pass through the ventilation filters, also the doors opens now and then letting the outside air right in. The wonderful smell from the kitchen is actually cooking fumes. The AC and the ventilation system might not have had filters changed in a long time creating a perfect environment for bacteria and mould to grow in and adding harmful pollutant to the air.

Should I stop breathing? Not at all, but with the knowledge of how easily the indoor air quality can be improved and the health benefits it gives guests and staff it feels like a necessity to take action.

Health+ Tools

Certify your premises

When you equip your premises with the dual action of air purification and virus inhibition of the LightAir Health+ solution, the change will be instantly noticeable.
Accompanying certificates will also demonstrate that you’ve taken action to provide clean air and you genuinely care about making health a priority.

- purification efficiency and noise levels

LightAir Health+

An all-inclusive clean air solution that combines the best of both our technologies to provide your premises with improved health, less sick days, energy and productivity.

LightAir Pure

The air indoors is more than five times worse than the outdoor air, even in the most polluted cities. The LightAir Pure solution - powered by the CellFlow technology - will ensure clean indoor air free from pollution.

Clean Air as a Service

We have packaged clean air as a service. By subscribing to clean air, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything other than taking deep breaths of clean and healthy air.

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