A sustainable workplace

A sustainable workplace

Profitable health

Nurture the talent in your organization

To attract, nurture and develop talent is likely a high priority also in your business. However poor indoor air leads to impaired cognitive ability, poorer concentration, tiredness, headaches, and respiratory tract irritation. This adversely impacts quality of life, but also the energy and productivity of your workplace.

We’re here to help! Let’s discuss proven and efficient solutions for the highest possible quality in indoor air, with industry-leading noise level and energy consumption.


Improve wellbeing and reduce sick days

Invest in your most valuable resources and achieve greater success through improved health and productivity. By reducing the spread of airborne diseases, many of our customers have reported a 20% reduction in sick days. 

LightAir Health+

Provides double protection, through active and passive air purification

A comprehensive solution that protects you from airborne viruses, as well as effectively addressing the smallest and most harmful particles. Enabling you to focus on what is important – your core business.  

Actively destroys:

  • Airborne viruses, while they’re still in the air

Effectively filters out:

  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Ultra-fine dust
  • Mold spores
  • Traffic pollution
  • Printer particles
  • Animal allergens

”I don’t experience a heavy head in the afternoon the way I did before”

”The air feels clear — easier to breath”

Certify your office

When you equip your office with the dual action of air purification and virus inhibition of the LightAir Health+ solution, the change will be noticeable. Accompanying certificates will demonstrate to your employees and visitors that you’ve taken action to provide clean and healthy air.

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