What makes us different - Health reason #1

Say goodbye to infections from air-borne viruses

LightAir air purifiers are all tested and approved to effectively remove the most common air borne viruses. A seven years long scientific research project at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, that was published in renomated Nature Scientific Reports proofs that the IonFlow air purifier neutralizes over 97% of virus immediately in your indoor-air, without passing any filter. The report tested the following virus, which all have a huge effect on the induvidual health as well as society:

Influenza virus

Calici virus (winter vomiting disease)

Rota virus (diarrhea and gastroenteritis)

What makes us different - Health reason #2

Size matters.
Truely clean air.

The indoor air is full of particles such as vehicle fumes, pollen, bacteria, virus, etc. 90% of these particles, including the most harmful ones, are smaller than that 0,1 micron (PM0,1). LightAir air purifiers use negative ions, not traditional filters, to effectively remove particles all the way down to 0.007 microns. This is both extraordinary and unique!

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IonFlow and CellFlow

Our patented technologies cleans the air from the most
harmful particles; fine, ultra-fine and nanoparticles.
So how do we do this? The answer is ionization.


Explore scientific evidence and test reports from accredited test institutes around the world supporting our unique technological benefits to catch fine and ultra fine particles as well as neutralizing microbes in the air.

Explore clean air solutions for every environment
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Health +

Health + is an all-inclusive clean air solution that combines the best of both our technologies to provide your workplace with improved health, less sick days, energy and productivity.

Clean Air as a Service

We have packaged clean air as a service. By subscribing to clean air, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything other than taking deep breaths of clean and healthy air.


The air indoors is more than 5 times worse than the outdoor air, even in the most polluted cities. The LightAir Clean air solution will ensure clean indoor air free from pollution.

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