Benefits in detail.


Up to 99.94% fine particle reduction

Our CellFlow technology effectively takes care of up to 99.94% of particles as small as PM0.1 and below, in other words smaller than 0.1 millionth of a millimeter. This includes particles you don’t want in your indoor air such as pollen, pet allergens, bacteria, mold, traffic pollution, viruses and more.


Don’t spread the infection

LightAir is your best protection against microbes in the air, such as virus, bacteria and mold. This makes LightAir air purifiers the best and most effective air purifiers for people suffering from allergy, asthma, COPD, pregnant, infants and the elderly who are most sensitive to influenza and other infections. 

LightAir CellFlow Pro 900 air purifier efficiently removes more than 99,99% of virus in the air in only 60 minutes in a 30 m3 room.

LightAir CellFlow Mini 100 air purifier efficiently removes 96,30% of influenza virus in the air in only 60 minutes in a 10 m3 room.

LightAir CellFlow Pro 900 air purifier is tested on the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and is proven to efficiently remove 99,95% of bacteria in the air in only 60 minutes.


Truly silent

The CellFlow air purifier technology will never disturb your office activities. The smart EcoPrecision filter enables a sparse designed structure providing a silent operation, ensuring you have an indoor environment free from both pollutants and noise.


Cleanable and long-lasting filter

The EcoPrecision filter is an amazing, unique and revolutionary innovation. It has a much longer life span than conventional filter, lasting up to three times longer. Our filter is made from recycled material and is cleanable, recommended to be exchanged only every 18 months. Less hustle in your everyday life, less produced waste and much better for your economy.


Minimal energy consumption

Our CellFlow technology operates with minimal energy consumption, at approximately one third of energy versus conventional air purifiers measured by unit of cleaned air. This is enabled by our EcoPrecision filter, making CellFlow an efficient choice both for you and our planet.


Low costs

CellFlow operates with low running costs thanks to the EcoPrecision filters lasting up to three times longer than conventional filters. Combined with its minimal energy consumption, this will save you approximately $50-200 per year compared to conventional air purifiers.

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