Clean Air as a Service
A subscription solution for improved health and productivity
Providing ease of mind - just take a deep breathe

A clean air subscription gives you the transition from...

  • Tired, headaches and low on energy
  • Difficulties to concentrate
  • Allergic symptoms from dust and pollen
  • Nasal congestion and shortness of breath
  • Limited cognitive flexibility
  • Sick-leave due to common viruses
Tired woman

  • Energetic and engaged
  • Creative and happy
  • Focused and concentrated
  • Symptom free during pollen season
  • Present throughout influenza season


Filter maintenance, filter exchange and full functionality guarantee is provided in the subscription. We take care of everything so you can enjoy clean and healthy air.


With our subscription solution you can focus on you core business. No administration of multiple supplier invoices and no warranty concerns. 100% cost predictability.


We provide market-leading air purifiers to provide for improved health and productivity. We are specialized in removing the most harmful particles and minimize spread of virus infections.

Subscription Tools

CellFlow - Removes the finest and most harmful particles

Specifications (CellFlow Pro900)
  • Powerful particle removal – H14 level of filtration
    (PM0,1 99,99% and PM0,3 99,99%)
  • Recommended room size: 80-200 m²
  • CADR: low 300 – medium 450 – high 950
  • Noise level: 23 – 31 – 49 dB(A)
  • Energy consumption: 15 – 25 – 70 W

Subscription Tools

IonFlow - Unique in-the-air virus deactivation by 97%

  • Scientifically proven to inactivate viruses by 97%, while they’re still in the air
  • Fine particle removal down to PM0,007
  • Recommended room size: up to 50-60 m²
  • Noise level: 21dB (A)
  • Energy consumption: 7W

Subscription benefits

  • No capital expenditure
  • No maintenence
  • No filter replacements
  • 100% predictable costs 

Customer satisfaction

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