LightAir Pure
Commercial-grade filtration at pin-drop noise level
LightAir Pure
Utilizing CellFlow technology with commercial-grade filtration at pin-drop noise level

Powered by the CellFlow technology

Powerful and fast it cleans the air from the finest and most harmful pollutants

The powerful CellFlow technology removes 99,99% of the finest and most harmful particles and allergens, such as traffic pollution, pollen, formaldehyde, printer particles, mold and more.

Not just any ordinary filer.

Because of the sparse design the air resistance is low and the airflow can be low, which enables a whisper silent operation with very low energy consumption.

Pure Solution Tools

CellFlow - removes the finest and most harmful particles

Specifications (CellFlow Pro900)
  • Powerful particle removal  H14 level of filtration
    (PM0,1 99,99% and PM0,3 99,99%)
  • Recommended room size: 80-200 m²
  • CADR: low 300  medium 450  high 950
  • Noise level: 23 – 31 – 49 dB(A)
  • Energy consumption: 15  25  70 W 

Pure Solution Tools

EcoPrecision - not just another filter

The patented LightAir CellFlow technology has a sparsly designed spiral filter, EcoPrecision. The filter is coated with the exact right charge to trap the particles coming from the ion generation charging chamber. Because of the sparse design the air resistance is low and the airflow can be low, which enables a whisper silent operation with very low energy consumption.

On top of this the EcoPrecision filter is made out of recyclable materials, is cleanable and therefore lasts up to six times longer than conventional filters. Just amazing for both you and the environment!

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Size matters. Say goodbye to fine particles.

LightAir air purifiers were developed with the outset of removing the finest and most harmful particles. According to third-party governmental tests, LightAir air purifiers can remove particles below PM0.1, meaning that we keep your air virtually free from the harmful particles you want to avoid.

Making a difference.
To the air and to your health.

All people on earth are exposed to air pollution. 

Indoor air pollution is something that you can do something about and LightAir effectively reduces the most harmful particles from the air.

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- purification efficiency and noise levels

LightAir Health+

An all-inclusive clean air solution that combines the best of both our technologies to provide your premises with improved health, less sick days, energy and productivity.

LightAir Pure

The air indoors is more than five times worse than the outdoor air, even in the most polluted cities. The LightAir Pure solution - powered by the CellFlow technology - will ensure clean indoor air free from pollution.

Clean Air as a Service

We have packaged clean air as a service. By subscribing to clean air, you receive all the benefits without having to think about anything other than taking deep breaths of clean and healthy air.

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