Your health is
our mission

We believe that the reason you are here is because you are trying to find the best solution to improve your health. We all know that clean air is essential to good health and that it’s a basic human need. But do you know just how fundamental clean air is for a healthy life?

LifeAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for pregnant, infants, the elderly and the ill, who are most sensitive to virus infections, fine particles and ultra-fine particles.

about allergens?

Dust mites

Tobacco smoke


Size matters.
Particles and
air quality.

Fine particles are the reason why air pollution is the leading environmental threat to human health. But what are fine particles? Many people have heard of PM2.5, but what does it really mean and how does it affect our health?


Concerned because of
health issues?

Influenza / Cold




Pregnant and infants


Life changing.

”Since my early teens I have suffered with seasonal hay fever. From my early 20s also the complication of asthma attacks disrupting my sleep on frequent nights throughout the summer months unless I medicated. Earlier this year we purchased LightAir air purifiers for our bed- and living rooms, and for the first summer in nearly 30 years, I have not yet had a nightly attack. And my hay fever symptoms, even at high pollen counts, are more or less gone. I have now gone through the best part of the pollen season and have had no need for medication what so ever. I’m in no doubt, that this is due to the air purifiers.”

Jeannette Petersen, Denmark

Find your perfect match

IonFlow Signature
540 sq ft / 50 m²
Floor and table mount
Extremely silent
No fan and no filter
IonFlow Evolution
540 sq ft/50 m²
Floor mount
Extremely silent
No fan and no filter
IonFlow 500 Ceiling
540 sq ft/50 m²​
Ceiling mount​
Extremely silent​
No fan and no filter
Cellflow Mini
107 - 215 sq ft / 10 - 20 m²
Table mount
Small and efficiently
Filter life, 18 months