Board of Directors and auditor
At the time of writing, LightAir's board consists of three members, with deep experience from B2B businesses as well as from the air purification industry. The audit assignment is held by BDO and auditor Carl-Johan Kjellman, as decided by the AGM.
LightAir Board of Directors

Ulf Lindstén

(born 1960)

Chairman of the Board of LightAir AB (publ) since June 24, 2020

Ulf Lindstén has extensive experience from start-up and growth companies, primarily in telecom and technology-oriented companies. In recent years, Ulf has invested from his own company and worked as a strategic advisor. This with investments in, among other things, electrification and electric car charging as well as energy supply and solar cell solutions.

His last permanent operational assignment was as CEO of CareTech AB, later responsible for the sale of the company to Doro AB (publ) where Ulf was then part of the management team. Before that Ulf was co-founder of Teligent AB (publ) where he was CEO until 2005.

Other assignments/positions/shareholdings: Visolaris AB (owner, board of directors), Coastal Sweden AB (owner, board of directors), CHSE progolf AB (owner, board of directors), Husdröm AB (co-owner), Vippy golf AB (co-owner), Voltiva AB (board member) and PSE AB (chairman of the board).

Completed assignments/positions/shareholdings in the last five years:
CEO, CareTech AB.

Shareholding (direct and indirect):
1 279 221 shares

Warrants TO 2:
255 844 pcs.

Warrants TO 2022/2024:1:
0 pcs.

Ebba Liljeholm

Ebba Liljeholm

(born 1977)

Board member of LightAir AB (publ) since June 30, 2023.

Ebba Liljeholm has extensive experience and knowledge in sales, marketing and communication. She has previously worked as Marketing Manager at LightAir and most recently comes from the automotive industry where she has led teams in digitalization and innovation projects. Ebba has a Master's degree in Business Administration from Lund University.


Other assignments/positions/shareholdings:

Completed assignments/positions/partnerships in the last five years:
Manager Retail, ALD Automotive, Leaseplan/CarNext.

4 461 shares

Warrants TO 2:

Warrants TO 2022/2024:1:
0 pcs.

Otto Persson

(born 1971)

Board member LightAir AB (publ) since September 11, 2023

Otto Persson has a broad experience from various growth companies and has previously worked as CFO at BE Group. In 2009, he was one of the founders of the now listed Train Alliance Sweden AB (publ) and was the company's CEO from the founding until 2018. Today he is Chairman of the Board of this group. Otto has a degree in business administration from Kristianstad University.

Other assignments/positions/shareholdings: Investor in a number of businesses as a private individual as well as through companies. Chairman of the board of the parent company and member of a number of companies within the Trade Alliance group. and board member and deputy board member in a number of companies within the group for Hylbo Gård AB.

Completed assignments/positions/shareholdings in the last five years:
CEO, Train Alliance Sweden AB (publ).


Warrants TO 2:
0 pcs.

Warrants TO 2022/2024:1:
0 pcs.

Principal Authorized Public Accountant
BDO Mälardalen AB

Carl-Johan Kjellman

(born 1974)

Auditor in LightAir AB (publ) since 2022

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