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Air purification with minimal noise levels and energy consumption

99.9% purification rate

Keeps your air free from harmful particles. Neutralizes particles down to PM0.007

Working in silence

Industry leaders with unprecedented sound levels

Easy maintenance

Minimal maintenance requirements and consumables. Works as well after 12 months as on the first day!

Environmentally friendly

Low energy consumption and durable filters. Friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

Scientifically proven

A seven-year scientific research project at Karolinska Institutet, published in Nature Scientific Reports, shows how IonFlow technology neutralizes over 97% of viruses immediately in the air..... without passing through any filter.

Evolution 2.0 - 50m2

Eliminates viruses in the air and on surfaces
No filters - rinses off as needed

Signature 2.0 - 60m2

Eliminates viruses in the air and on surfaces
No filters - rinses off as needed

CellFlow Mini 100 - 20m2

Excellent help for e.g. allergies and asthma
Long lasting filters
Low noise levels

CellFlow Pro

Our specially developed
products for offices and schools
- unique properties in terms of cleaning efficiency,
energy consumption and maintenance.

LightAir Health+

A comprehensive solution for clean and virus-free air in offices, schools and more. Award-winning offering that combines the best of our technologies for improved health, fewer sick days, more energy and increased productivity.


Knowledge Centre

Visit our knowledge center and blog to learn more about particulate challenges, proven technologies and how they work and how air cleaning can help you in your daily life.