Farming and animal husbandry
Sound and healthy air quality is fundamental to successful crop and livestock operations.

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A crucial difference for your greenhouse

Clean air for sustainable and more efficient farming

Along with light, soil and water, clean air is one of the most important ingredients for successful and high-quality cultivation. Dutch research shows how the combination of our two technologies - CellFlow and IonFlow - gives better results in a greenhouse.

LightAir AgroPro

A solution for specific needs

Together with farmers and professional race trainers, LightAir has developed AgroPro. This offer is based on IonFlow technology and is adapted to the specific needs of agriculture, equestrian sports and animal husbandry.

One tool for two conflicting challenges

Healthier animal husbandry

It is a well-known challenge to keep the spread of infection and disease low, while reducing the use of antibiotics in an increasingly sustainable livestock sector. Air quality is a cornerstone of this work and pays off from both a sustainability and a pure investment perspective.

Animal husbandry
Equestrian sports

Egg and chicken production

Healthier animals mean healthier business

Chicken and egg production are highly susceptible to disease. The spread of infection can be effectively controlled by clean air. The health of the flock is of utmost importance to ultimately deliver good quality products.

Pork production

Distancing is good - clearing the air is even better

In pig farming, it is common for the different houses to be placed far apart to avoid the potentially devastating effects of different infections. There are clearly more ways to ensure cleaner and virus-free air in the pig house itself.

Milk production and cattle

Reducing the use of antibiotics

A constant stream of reports shows how the use of antibiotics must be reduced in European animal husbandry. Technology that provides clean air and fights contagion is key in this fight. Let's discuss your specific challenges.

Equestrian sports

Winning requires preparation

All horse owners around the world know how important it is to keep their animals healthy and fit. Of course, the health of horses has a direct impact on their performance and chances of winning, whether it's trotting, galloping, jumping or dressage.

I do everything I can to keep my horses healthy.
I do everything in my power to keep my horses in the stable healthy so they can win their races. That is my goal!

I have always been very careful to disinfect my stables and in my new stable I replaced the entire ventilation system when I moved in. LightAir AgoPro was the icing on the cake!

I installed AgroPro at every other stall and I have noticed a difference in the number of infections over the year. Since the installation, I have not had any major outbreaks and I have noticed that the horses have a much better general condition during the year.

AgroPro is also extremely easy to maintain. It only needs to be washed every two weeks and no expensive filters need to be replaced.

Svante Båth
Trotting trainer
Spread of infection

Tough times for the spread of infection in offices and classrooms

We are facing a tough virus autumn and flu winter with an increased spread of infection in offices and classrooms. Lessons learned from the pandemic years should be drawn, including

Indoor air in the metal industry - challenges and measures

The metal industry has always been extremely important to the Swedish economy, but often with processes that generate unhealthy particles. Read more about the challenges

Brighter days - but with reduced working capacity?

The season is great - for most of us. But for some, it presents a recurring problem that can lead to reduced concentration and ability to work.

First deliveries of air cleaning to UK industry

Essex cement factory invests in Swedish technology for cleaner air - British cement manufacturer Lignacite has now installed various air purifiers from LightAir.

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