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Air purifier and virus inhibitor for rooms up to 60m2

  • Neutralizes viruses directly while they are still in the air and on surfaces - without passing through a filter.
  • Scientifically proven to neutralize and prevent the spread of viruses.
  • Purifies the air from the smallest and most harmful particles such as allergens, bacteria, dust, mold, traffic pollution & smoke - down to PM0.007.
  • No fan or filter - can run at full capacity to ensure you have clean air with no noise to disturb your sleep, work or other activities.
  • Low energy consumption of only 7W - industry-leading minimal maintenance and low running costs.

Scientifically proven

A seven-year scientific research project at Karolinska Institutet, published in Nature Scientific Reports, shows how IonFlow technology neutralizes over 97% of viruses immediately in the air... without passing through any filter.

Spread of infection

Tough times for the spread of infection in offices and classrooms

We are facing a tough virus autumn and flu winter with an increased spread of infection in offices and classrooms. Lessons learned from the pandemic years should be drawn, including

Indoor air in the metal industry - challenges and measures

The metal industry has always been extremely important to the Swedish economy, but often with processes that generate unhealthy particles. Read more about the challenges

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The season is great - for most of us. But for some, it presents a recurring problem that can lead to reduced concentration and ability to work.

First deliveries of air cleaning to UK industry

Essex cement factory invests in Swedish technology for cleaner air - British cement manufacturer Lignacite has now installed various air purifiers from LightAir.