Why should air cleaning?

In an era of health and environmental concerns, the need for clean air in working environments has become increasingly important.

LightAir has the most innovative and powerful air purifier that gives you a better environment for both people and machines.

LightAir Connect - the next generation of air purification

You get a complete overview:

LightAir Connect introduces a new era of air quality monitoring. With this feature, you can continuously monitor the air quality in real time, receive alerts for service needs and control the system via LightAir Connect.

Thanks to automatic regulation of the airflow, the level of purification is adapted to current needs, ensuring optimal energy consumption for the right level of air quality without manual intervention.

Technical overview at a distance:

With a comprehensive service module, technicians can access valuable data such as air quality, service intervals and technical information, facilitating maintenance and preventive measures.

LightAir Connect also enables control of the products via the existing building network. Reports can be extracted and form the basis for sustainability reporting at the company.

Our electrostatic air filter makes air cleaning easier

Automatic perfection:

Our patented Self Cleaning System takes automatic filter cleaning to the next level.

Our technology guarantees a constant optimal cleaning of the electrostatic filter in the air purifier, which means that you always have an optimally functioning air purifier without having to replace the filter as often.

This means fewer service visits and less maintenance, resulting in lower power consumption and costs over time.

Green choice with EcoPrecision:

Our eco-friendly EcoPrecision filter, a specially designed filter made from recycled paper, is a unique design that uses less energy and is significantly quieter than traditional air purifiers.

This filter requires fewer changes, reduces energy consumption, making your investment both economical and ecological.

The all-in-one solution:
LightAir takes care of everything

LightAir offers not just a product, but a complete solution. With our unique "clean air as a service" concept, you don't have to worry about about anything.

We take care of installation, maintenance and service, so you can focus on your core business. Our service is designed to be hassle-free with a fixed cost, giving you full control and predictable budgeting.

Why choose LightAir?

Air quality can be improved in any environment, even the toughest.

Choose LightAir for a healthier working environment, higher productivity and a sustainable future. Our advanced technology and comprehensive service make us the ideal partner for all your air purification needs.

With LightAir, you don't just get a product, you get a partner who actively contributes to the success and well-being of your business.

Why do we need to think about clean air?

Protection for both people and machines:

A better working environment for your employees and less maintenance for your machines.

Less downtime and rejects:

A cleaner working environment means fewer breakdowns and less product rejection.

Improved health and productivity:

Clean air contributes to lower absenteeism and a more productive workforce.

Reduced cleaning and maintenance:

Our air purifier reduces the amount of dust and particles in the air, leading to lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

"After installing LightAir air purifiers in our laundry, we noticed a dramatic change. The staff reported that it was easier to breathe and the dust levels in the room were noticeably reduced. It's the best investment we've made for our working environment."

Jan Eriksson, Manager of Fredriksberg Laundry

"The increased productivity is a positive side effect. An investment in LightAir is primarily a powerful way for us to promote employee health."

Mattias Wahlgren, Group Innovation Manager, Coor

We help you see the solutions

Contact us today to find out more about how we can transform your workplace with clean and fresh air. LightAir is your key to a cleaner, safer and more productive work environment.