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Positive effects of air purification at IAC Skara

IAC Skara has improved the work environment by installing air purifiers, which reduced thermoset dust below the limit values when measured in 2024.
Spread of infection

Tough times for the spread of infection in offices and classrooms

We are facing a tough virus autumn and flu winter with an increased spread of infection in offices and classrooms. Lessons learned from the pandemic years should be drawn, including

Indoor air in the metal industry - challenges and measures

The metal industry has always been extremely important to the Swedish economy, but often with processes that generate unhealthy particles. Read more about the challenges

Brighter days - but with reduced working capacity?

The season is great - for most of us. But for some, it presents a recurring problem that can lead to reduced concentration and ability to work.

Why do we need to think about clean air?

Protection for both people and machines:

A better working environment for your employees and less maintenance for your machines.

Less downtime and rejects:

A cleaner working environment means fewer breakdowns and less product rejection.

Improved health and productivity:

Clean air contributes to lower absenteeism and a more productive workforce.

Reduced cleaning and maintenance:

Our air purifier reduces the amount of dust and particles in the air, leading to lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

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