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LightAir is a Swedish clean tech company that develops and sells air purifiers based on patented and groundbreaking technology for air purification in indoor environments.

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Short introduction

LightAir has two patented technologies, marketed under the brand names IonFlow and CellFlow. IonFlow is based on an innovative development of ionization technology and CellFlow on a development of electrostatic filter technology.

LightAir's products are market tested with very good results. IonFlow has very strong scientific evidence to effectively prevent the spread of airborne virus; in 2015 a scientific report was published in Nature Scientific Reports after a full seven-year research study at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

LightAir is listed on Nordic SME Sweden (Nordic Growth Market NGM AB) under the ticker LAIR. Trading in LightAir shares can be followed in real time or with a delay on