Test reports and evidence
Here you can explore scientific evidence and test reports from accredited test institutes around the world. Browse reports that support our unique advantages in capturing fine and ultra-fine particles and neutralizing microbes in the air.

Test reports and scientific evidence

Test reports supporting the removal of fine and ultra-fine particles. All the way down to PM0.007!

90% of all particles in the air are smaller than PM0.1. These particles are also the most harmful to our health and the most difficult to combat with old conventional technology. LightAir solutions have a unique ability to effectively remove ultrafine particles from the air, all the way down to PM0.007. Below you will find test reports regarding particle cleaning and efficiency.

Benchmark, IonFlow - SP

Test report (benchmark) on how IonFlow effectively cleans the air from the smallest and most dangerous particles.

Particle reduction PM2.5, IonFlow - SGS

The industry standard is to focus on relatively large particles and PM2.5. This test shows how the IonFlow already removes 96.6% of this size of particles within 60 minutes. (However, over 90% of all particles in indoor air are smaller than this).

Combustion particles, IonFlow - SP

Soot particles and harmful air are generated by cozy candles as well as traffic, wood burning, coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel combustion. These particles need to be tackled in the indoor air we breathe and this report shows how IonFlow is rising to the challenge.

Smoke particles, IonFlow - SP

Particles from cigarette smoking are ultrafine and can remain in indoor air for as long as two weeks. IonFlow is a sophisticated technology that is shown in this report to combat such harmful particles all the way down to PM0.007.

Efficiency over time, IonFlow - SP

A test of how IonFlow does not lose efficiency over time, which is a common challenge for conventional filter solutions. Regardless of whether the collector is continuously wiped, IonFlow continues to work effectively.

Printer particles, IonFlow - Confidential

Many are unaware of how the indoor air in the office is adversely affected by printers, among other things. Test report on how IonFlow can help meet these challenges.

Particle reduction kit, IonFlow "real life test" - NIAQ

A test report from the Nordic Institute for Air Quality and a practical test from everyday life in an office in central Stockholm for 20 minutes.

Particle reduction PM0.1, CellFlow Mini100 - Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology

Report showing how the compact little air purifier CellFlow Mini100 purifies indoor air from harmful PM0.1 particles to as much as 99.95% in just four hours.

Test reports and scientific studies supporting effective removal and neutralization of microbes.

LightAir's IonFlow technology has been scientifically proven to neutralize more than 97% of viruses, already in the air. The virus becomes harmless immediately in the air because the negative ions attach to them and ensure that they lose their ability to penetrate - and thus infect - a human cell. This provides a real extra layer of protection against flu and other infections and reactions caused by airborne viruses, bacteria, mold and other microbes.

Virus, IonFlow - Karolinska Institutet, etc.

Scientific report after a full seven-year study on how IonFlow neutralizes 97% of various investigated and common viruses. Demonstrates the possibility and strength of allowing technology to effectively prevent the spread of infection.

Mould spores, IonFlow - BDSF

Practical test on how IonFlow drastically reduces mold growth and removes 88% of mold spores in just three hours.

Bacteria, IonFlow - SGS

Report demonstrating how IonFlow effectively removes 91.5% of bacteria.

Viruses, CellFlow Mini100 - Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology

Report showing how the small air purifier CellFlow Mini100 removes 96.3% of influenza viruses in the air within only 60 minutes in a 10 m3 room.

Viruses, CellFlow DEP 900 - Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology

Report showing how the CellFlow DEP Pro 900 effectively removes 99.99% of viruses in the air in a 30 m3 room in just 60 minutes.

Bacteria, CellFlow DEP Pro900 - Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology

The CellFlow DEP Pro 900 has been tested for the bacterial strain Staphylococcus Aureus and has been shown to effectively remove 99.95% of such bacteria from the air within just 60 minutes.

Black mold, CellFlow DEP 900 - Guang Zhou Institute of Technology

The CellFlow DEP Pro 900 air purifier has been tested for black mold (Aspergillus niger) and has been shown to remove mold spores in the air with 99.98% efficiency in just 60 minutes.

Test reports supporting product benefits such as noise level, energy consumption, ozone generation.

LightAir solutions offer a combination of market-leading benefits. Our air purifiers are efficient, energy-saving, quiet, ozone-free and utilize filters/collectors with exceptionally long durability. Below are reports related to these benefits.

Ozone report, IonFlow - Intertek

IonFlow technology offers ionizing air purification that generates high concentrations of negative ions. This results in a very effective particle reduction capacity and importantly this is done without generating ozone.

Sound levels, CellFlow DEP Pro 900 - Guang Zhou Institute of Technology

Test report on noise levels and CellFlow DEP Pro 900. Air purifier that offers market-leading and silent air purification in offices and schools.

Sound levels, IonFlow - SP

Test report (benchmark) comparing the sound levels of IonFlow and other air purifiers on the market.

Ozone report IonFlow, Intertek

Initial report on how IonFlow is able to generate an extremely high concentration of ions, providing effective air purification while being ozone-free.

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