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Scientifically proven air purification and virus inhibition

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Industrial air purification

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Patented technology that provides the highest purification efficiency with the lowest operating costs and noise levels.

Commercial air purification

LightAir Health+ for offices and schools

An award-winning clean air service offering for better health and productivity - through double protection that reduces sick leave. 

Air purification in the home

Clean air for your loved ones

Let the proven CellFlow and IonFlow technologies also protect your home by ensuring clean and virus-free air.

99.9% purification rate

Cleans your air from harmful particles. Neutralizes ultra-fine particles down to PM0.007.

Working in silence

Industry-leading with unprecedented sound levels.

Easy maintenance

No mess and minimal consumables. As effective after 12 months as the first day.

Environmentally friendly

Unbeatable low energy consumption. Filters made of recycled cardboard and long durability. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Spread of infection

Tough times for the spread of infection in offices and classrooms

We are facing a tough virus autumn and flu winter with an increased spread of infection in offices and classrooms. Lessons learned from the pandemic years should be drawn, including

Indoor air in the metal industry - challenges and measures

The metal industry has always been extremely important to the Swedish economy, but often with processes that generate unhealthy particles. Read more about the challenges

Brighter days - but with reduced working capacity?

The season is great - for most of us. But for some, it presents a recurring problem that can lead to reduced concentration and ability to work.

First deliveries of air cleaning to UK industry

Essex cement factory invests in Swedish technology for cleaner air - British cement manufacturer Lignacite has now installed various air purifiers from LightAir.

Satisfied customers

Increase productivity and reduce sick leave - contact us for a free consultation.

CellFlow DEP Industrial series

Air cleaning for the toughest and biggest challenges - no one can deliver like CellFlow technology in terms of efficiency, operating costs and noise levels.

LightAir Health+

A tailor-made offer for clean air in offices and schools - adapted to commercial needs and requirements. Combines the best of our two technologies to give you improved energy, health and productivity, while reducing sickness and absenteeism.

IonFlow 2.0 Evolution - 50m2

Eliminates viruses in the air.
Reusable filter.
Completely silent.

IonFlow 2.0 Signature - 60m2

Eliminates viruses in the air.
Reusable filter.
Completely silent.

CellFlow Mini 100 - 20m2

Reduce allergy & asthma.
Long lasting filter.
Ultra quiet.

CellFlow Pro Series

Filtration with the highest commercial quality, with a sound level where you can still hear a needle fall. Industry leader in:

  • Operating costs
  • Purification efficiency
  • Sound levels

Knowledge Centre

Visit our blog, read more about our two patented technologies, explore all the evidence and test reports - our knowledge center is open to you 24/7. 

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