Clean air for industry, offices and schools
We work daily on health, productivity and sustainability - by providing clean air in the best possible way.

Not just air - delivery is health, productivity and sustainability

About us

Challenging with new technologies

As an innovative Swedish company, LightAir challenges the conventional technologies and traditional mindsets of established companies through new patented technologies.

Today we have a strong focus on B2B sales and have deep expertise in air purification mainly in industry, offices and schools.

Why burn for clean air?

An adult human being breathes about 20 000 liters of air every day. Of course, keeping the air we breathe as clean as possible is the basis for a healthy life. At the same time, modern technologies such as fully automated warehouses benefit greatly from air that is as clean and particle-free as possible in order to function optimally.

We tend to dwell on the importance of clean air, but often ask why this is not an obvious priority for everyone?

Health, productivity and sustainability can be said to be our passion and clean air our expertise. 

The combination of passion and expertise is at the heart of LightAir. Through innovative solutions on proprietary technologies, we provide clean air and improved health to everyone, in every conceivable variety of indoor environments - from the shop floor to the office and boardroom.