Focusing on health, productivity and sustainability

About LightAir

At LightAir, we are fully committed to Health, Productivity and Sustainability - by providing clean air in the best possible way.

As an innovative Swedish company, we challenge the established companies with their conventional technologies and traditional ways of thinking through new patented technologies.

Why are we passionate about clean air?

An adult human being breathes about 20 000 liters of air every day and takes about six million breaths per year. Of course, keeping the air we breathe as clean as possible is the basis for a healthy life.

Rather than asking ourselves why we so easily get bogged down in the importance of clean air, why isn't this an obvious priority for everyone?

LightAir has a long experience in air purification and a genuine interest in how we can all improve health, productivity and sustainability.

These three areas can be said to be our passion and clean air is our expertise. This combination of passion and expertise is the very heart of LightAir. Through innovative solutions on proprietary technologies, we provide clean air and improved health to everyone, in every imaginable different indoor environment.

Since 2017, LightAir has been listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) in Stockholm.