If Insurance starts to subscribe to clean air

Yet another subscriber of clean and virus-free air for the office

During the late summer, LightAir welcomed If Insurance, another subscriber within the LightAir Health+ that offers clean and virus-free air to, e.g., offices and schools.

The installation has taken place in selected parts of the insurance company's headquarters in Bergshamra, north of Stockholm. Air purifiers corresponding to approximately eight subscriptions are now in use in parts of the premises, such as the customer center, staff canteen and social areas. Evaluation of the investment will take place continuously in the coming months.

If Insurance offers a full range of P&C insurance solutions and services. Today, they are close to 4 million customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and the company has over 7,000 employees.

"LightAir's future lies within Professional Solutions, which consists of industrial air purification solutions and commercial deliveries to mainly offices and schools," comments LightAir's CEO Lars Liljeholm. "Within the industrial segment, there is already relatively high awareness of the problem and appointed individuals directly responsible for the air quality and purification. Leading companies in, for example, finance, insurance and law are increasingly beginning to open their eyes to what has been something of an invisible problem out in the offices. We can all achieve reduced sickness absence and increased productivity through cleaner indoor air."

The LightAir Health+ offer is an innovative and award-winning Swedish air purification solution consisting of two complementary technologies. In part, highly efficient air purifiers lower the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollution, viruses and ultrafine particles are cleaned from the indoor air. The second component of the solution consists of patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek out and neutralize remaining airborne viruses already in the air. Together, the two technologies thus provide double protection against airborne viruses.

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