AIK Fotboll focuses on clean and virus-free air

Through the LightAir Health+ solution, AIK Fotboll has invested in active air purification and virus prevention at its training facilities Karlberg and Skytteholm in central Stockholm.

The training facilities, which are centrally located and adjacent to heavily trafficked roads, primarily include activities associated with AIK's men's team, women's team and junior men's team. The installation of LightAir Health+ covers all changing rooms, meeting rooms, offices and gyms. Elite operations in team sports are always based on high-performance teams and each individual's continuous development. It is fundamental to ensure that each individual stays whole and healthy as much as possible, which is why clean air is of course of great importance.

"We have a lot of people moving around in limited spaces and where the environment is often tough in terms of air quality as well as challenges with a lot of sweat, moisture and equipment," says Henrik Jurelius, Sports Director for AIK Fotboll. "With LightAir Health+we now have a solution with proven technology, which minimizes airborne viruses and filters out harmful particles. In particular, we appreciate the strengthened protection against the spread of infection as we are constantly exposed to new periods of colds and flu. Even with a single prevented outbreak of disease, such as now during the final phase of the season, our investment in clean air may soon pay for itself many times over."

LightAir Health+ is an innovative Swedish solution for air purification, consisting of two complementary technologies. Highly efficient air purifiers that reduce the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollution, viruses and ultra-fine particles are removed from indoor air. The second component of the solution consists of patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek out and neutralize remaining airborne viruses already in the air. Together, the two technologies thus provide double protection against airborne viruses.

"Our offer is tailor-made for offices and schools, which is why our customers are normally found in other types of result-oriented businesses," says Lars Liljeholm, CEO of LightAir. "Working with an elite sports organization like AIK Fotboll means a slightly different but clearly challenging environment in terms of air quality. The well-established advantages of our offer - such as high purification capacity and low sound volumes - will also quickly provide the conditions for improved performance and reduced sick leave in these premises."

The solution recently installed at AIK Fotboll is offered in the Nordic region primarily as a subscription solution, where clean air is provided as a service - including installation and ongoing maintenance. The service is offered with no capital commitment and with a perpetual warranty on the functionality of the hardware.

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