Bad air is hard to talk away

Did you know that you can reduce sick leave in your office by as much as 20%? Research and actual cases show how air purifiers and virus inhibitors create an indoor environment where people stay healthy.

We spend about a third of our day at work, where we often meet a variety of people - both known and unknown.

So the risk of getting an infection here is excellent, partly because we spend so much time with each other, and partly because most people are in contact with other people during the day. At the same time, there is an overall increased risk of various diseases if the level of harmful particles is constantly raised. This is unfortunately all too common in schools and offices in urban environments.

Fortunately, there are simple methods to reduce infection risks and particle levels on site. Because releasing the indoor air of viruses and harmful particles minimizes the risk of spreading infection.

You can achieve this by having both air purifiers and virus inhibitors installed. For example, LightAir Health+ offers "clean air as a service", where you don't have to install anything yourself, and you can ignore maintenance and ongoing functionality, without tying up any capital. The idea is that you and your employees can focus on work, while taking in clean and virus-free air with every breath.

Clean air makes us healthier

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have tested the patented technology for virus inhibition. They concluded that when the virus inhibitor was running, there was no spread of infection at all, while three out of four test animals were infected when it was not active. This result speaks for itself.

In practical use, this Swedish-developed technology has been shown to reduce sick leave in workplaces around the country. The unique offering, which combines air purifiers with antiviral virus inhibitors, was developed primarily to focus on office environments and schools. Individual users have confirmed how they feel better in offices and schools through reduced problems with asthma and allergies, for example, while the overall number of illnesses decreased significantly.

"I have felt safe at work and stayed healthy," says Eva Petré Rege, Head of Account Receivable at Coor, a leading Swedish facility management company. "I felt mentally well here in the office during the corona pandemic, thanks to the virus inhibitors.

Coor had LightAir Health+ at the head office in Stockholm and a larger call center in Dalarna. LightAir handles ongoing maintenance such as filter changes and ensures that everything works as it should. Coor's employees don't have to lift a finger to breathe clean air at work.

- "We're putting these air purifiers and virus inhibitors to the test," says Maria Sjödin, site manager at Coor's call center in Dalarna. "Only one of us who worked on site during the pandemic contracted COVID-19, and that person didn't infect anyone else in the office.

Clearing the air and cutting a fifth of sick days

Bad air is bad for your health. It can contain a wide range of harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, printer particles, dust, mold spores, and not least traffic pollution, if the premises are in an urban environment. Harmful particles spread specific diseases, while studies show how the accumulated particle content constantly increases the risks of both short- and long-term diseases.

"When we installed LightAir, we received a lot of positive feedback, especially from parents with chronically ill children," says Maria Nordvall, Head of Preschool at Bromma Enskilda Skola, which early on subscribed to clean and virus-free air from LightAir.

The school in Bromma, part of Stockholm, also found that they managed to reduce sick leave by as much as 20 percent, thanks to the high-efficiency air purifiers removing more than 99 percent of a variety of dangerous and unhealthy particles.

At the same time, the virus inhibitors neutralize as much as 97% of various airborne viruses while they are still in the air - and without having to pass through a filter. Simply put, researchers at Karolinska Institutet, among others, have shown how viruses are neutralized when their protein shells are attacked by the antiviral technology, resulting in them no longer being able to attach to and infect human cells.

Tailor-made for offices and schools

- With our customized solution for offices and schools, we often come in to alleviate just everyday challenges for employees or students with special needs, such as severe allergies, asthma or chronic diseases," says Fredrik Backlund, CMO of LightAir Health+.

Quite quickly, however, customers find that almost everyone experiences the improvements in air quality, and that overall sickness absence goes down and productivity increases.

- "It is fundamental that we developed our solution from the beginning with a focus on efficiency, sound levels, energy consumption, simplicity and design," Backlund adds. - These are areas with high demands, whether we are talking about a classroom in a sixties school or a fintech company in the city. At the same time, our greatest satisfaction is often when we see the difference we make for individuals. For example, for a school child with cystic fibrosis, or for a software developer who struggles with severe pollen problems for five consecutive months every year.

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