Clean Air as a Service
Clean air as a service - a simple subscription solution for better health and productivity in your business

Creating peace of mind - just take a deep breath

A subscription that gives you a transition from:

  • General complaints of fatigue, headaches and low energy levels
  • Allergic problems from varying high levels of dust and pollen
  • High levels of sick leave due to common viruses (e.g. seasonal flu and winter vomiting).
  • Limited cognitive flexibility
  • Difficulty concentrating
Tired woman an indoor environment with an air that creates:

  • Energy and commitment
  • Creativity and joy
  • Focus and concentration
  • Minimized inconvenience during pollen season
  • Reduced absenteeism during e.g. flu seasons and winter vomiting outbreaks.

Service and maintenance

Your subscription covers maintenance, filter changes and always provides a full functional guarantee throughout the subscription period. We simply take care of everything, so you and your organization can just enjoy clean and healthy air.


By simply subscribing, you can focus on your core business. No managing multiple supplier invoices, no in-house maintenance or warranty issues. All with 100% predictability on your running costs for clean and virus-free air.

Market-leading air cleaning

LightAir is solely focused on market-leading air purification for improved health and productivity. Through a subscription, Swedish-developed technologies are used to remove the most harmful particles and minimize the spread of infection.

Sub-component of subscription

CellFlow - removes the finest and most harmful particles

Specification (CellFlow Pro900)
  • Powerful particle separation - H14 filter level (PM0.1 99.99% and PM0.3 99.99%).
  • Recommended room size: 80-200 m².
  • CADR: low 300 - medium 450 - high 950
  • Noise level: 23 - 31 - 49 dB(A)
  • Power consumption: 15 - 25 - 70 W

Sub-component of subscription

IonFlow - elimination of viruses to 97%, already in the air and without passing filters

  • Scientifically proven inactivation of viruses
  • Very good particle control, down to PM0.007
  • Recommended room size: up to 50-60 m².
  • Noise level: 21dB (A)
  • Energy consumption: 7W

Simple benefits of a subscription

  • No investments
  • No maintenance
  • No filter changes
  • 100% predictable costs 

Satisfied customers

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