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LightAir Health+ for offices and schools

An award-winning service offering with clean air, for improved health and productivity — through double protection.


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Patented technology providing highest purification efficiency with the lowest running costs and noise levels.


Air purification for your dearest

Proven IonFlow and CellFlow technologies protect your home and provide you with clean and virus-free air.

99.9% cleaning rate

Keeping your air free of harmful particles. Neutralizes ultra-fine particles down to PM 0.007.

Silent operation

Industry leadership with noise levels unheard of in the business.

Easy maintenance

Hassle-free with minimal use of consumables. Works as well after 12 months as the first day.


Unbeatable low energy consumption. Saves both money and the environment!

Picture of Sto Scandinavia in Linköping
Case studies

Sto got cleaner air at a lower cost

Particle-intensive industry purifies air with crushingly low life cycle costs. Learn more about how Sto Scandinavia meets its tough challenges in a factory and warehouse in Linköping.

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Finnish flags on mass
Case studies

Winner of a Finnish public tender

LightAir’s local partner Industless Oy has won a public tender with a municipality in Finland. The deal concerns subscriptions within air purification and the commercial segment, primarily for office and school environments.

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Customer satisfaction

Increase productivity and reduce sick leave – reach out for free consultation

LightAir Health+

A clean air solution tailor-made for the needs of professional environments like offices and schools. Combines the best of both our technologies to provide your premises with improved health, energy and productivity, while decreasing the number of sick days.

IonFlow 2.0 Evolution - 50m2

Destroys virus in the air.
Reusable filter.
Totally silent.

IonFlow 2.0 Signature - 60m2

Destroys virus in the air.
Reusable filter.
Totally silent.

CellFlow Mini 100 - 20m2

Reduce allergy & asthma.
Long-lasting filter.
Ultra silent.

CellFlow Pro Series

Commercial-grad filtration at pin drop noise level. Industry leadership within

  • Running costs
  • Purification efficiency
  • Noise levels

CellFlow Industrial Series

Air purification technology for the toughest and the largest challenges – no one can compete with the CellFlow technology when it comes to efficacy, running costs and noise levels.

Knowledge Centre

Visit our blog, get the grip of our two patented technologies, explore all evidence and test reports – our Knowledge Centre is open for you 24/7.

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