CellFlow technology
Swedish-developed and patented technology for efficient, silent and energy-saving air purification.

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CellFlow DEP technology

How it works - in more detail

LightAir's patented CellFlow DEP technology effectively cleans the air of unhealthy particles through a combination of ionization and the unique EcoPrecision filter solution. 

Ionization means that the particles sucked into the air purifier are negatively charged, while the EcoPrecision filter is positively charged. This way, particles are trapped in the filter much like a magnet works.

The EcoPrecision filter enables fast cleaning of large amounts of air with low noise and minimal power consumption. The filters are also made from recycled paper and last up to three times longer than conventional filters.

The air purifiers utilizing CellFlow DEP technology are an ecological, economical and highly efficient air purifier - making them excellent solutions for both you and our planet.

Swedish developed and patented unique technology

CellFlow DEP

Like all conventional air cleaners, the technology is based on purification through a fan-based filter solution. However, it adds an innovative use of local ionization just before a light electrically charged filtration, which enables a very energy-efficient purification with filters that do not need to be as dense as traditional solutions such as HEPA filters.

The patented filter solution, EcoPrecision, is designed as a sparse double spiral to achieve the largest possible capture area with the least possible air resistance.

Without causing a major pressure drop, the air is driven through a static electric field where particles assume a negative charge. The negatively charged particles are attracted by the force field in the electrically charged filter and become trapped.

The technology delivers highly efficient and energy-saving particle separation with low noise levels, giving it a major competitive advantage.

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