Extended contract with Finnish municipality

24-month air purification subscription for offices and schools

LightAir has extended an existing subscription agreement with a Finnish municipality. The agreement is extended by two years and applies to several hundred units and a turnover of approximately SEK 2 million per year.

Through previous acquisitions, LightAir is today focused on both Sweden and Finland as its main Nordic home market. In Finland, there are a number of industrial customers, while the business has been successful in several public procurements for air purification in office and school environments with Finnish municipalities.

"The competition is fierce here in Finland and I believe this is the most mature market for air purification in the Nordic region," says Klaus Hirvonen, Country Manager for LightAir's Finnish operations. "I have difficulty seeing any other European market that is as developed and at the same time contains so many players, not least in commercial air purification. Therefore, it is especially stimulating when our leading technology, combined with our investment in deep customer relationships, pays off and we can extend ongoing subscriptions in this way."

Active air cleaning is also of increasing interest and importance for Swedish offices, schools and industries. Clean air contributes to increased productivity and a healthier environment with less sick leave and reduced production losses. In addition to the tangible benefits of efficient and silent air purification, LightAir's technology is offered through a simple subscription solution where commercial and industrial customers can subscribe to "clean air as a service".

"We cannot emphasize enough how important our Nordic home market is and how interesting Finland in particular is for us - today and in the long term", says Peter Svensk, CEO of LightAir. "Klaus has been involved for a long time in the industry and in our Finnish operations. The number of subscriptions in offices and schools is impressive and is certainly a platform that we will further develop and refine. Together, through our direct sales as well as through new partners, we will intensify our Finnish presence in the coming year, especially with industrial customers."

In the spring of 2022, LightAir finalized the acquisition of Cair AB, after a long collaboration on the air purification technology that is today marketed under the name LightAir CellFlow DEP. There was also industrial logic in gathering all the technology's intellectual property rights in one company, overlapping target groups in B2B sales and strong complementary product offerings in the commercial and industrial segments.

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