Ionflow technology
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Air purifier with proven anti-virus capacity

How it works - in more detail

LightAir IonFlow air purifier generates from three corona needles, an air purifier based on IonFlow technology generates billions of electrons per second. These are converted into negative ions when they come into contact with the oxygen molecules in the air.

The production of electrons results in a concentration of more than 250,000 negative ions per cm3 measured from a distance of one meter.

Looking for even more details?

IonFlow uses two-pole ionization technology. Using 110V or 220V and very low strength of current 50 mA and a power of only 7W, the technology can accelerate an extremely high voltage of more than 200,000 eV through a cascade of diodes and capacitors.

This enables an extremely high production of several billion electrons per second, which means several billion negative ions per second.

Consequently, the particle reduction is massive because the number of ions produced at a given time corresponds to the number of particles that can be charged and rendered harmless in a given time.

The huge production of ions makes it possible to effectively distribute the negative charge in all corners of a room, meaning that the air in the entire room will be cleaned of particles not just the air closest to the unit.

In this blog post, you can read more about how negative ions in the air we breathe are actually positive.

Unhealthy particles are positively charged - let's turn them into negatives

IonFlow is particularly effective at removing the very smallest particles in the air. These are considered the most dangerous to our health.

The technology generates electrons that create negative ions. These attach to unhealthy particles in the air, which are positively charged. These include viruses, dust, pollen, smoke, exhaust gases, animal hair, bacteria, mold, etc.

The collector will be covered in particles and slowly change color as it gets more and more dirty. If necessary, this collector can be easily removed and washed clean with water and detergent. Larger clusters of particles also fall to the floor before being removed by regular vacuuming.

The technology senses the demand in the indoor air and reduces the generation of electrons as the air is purified. IonFlow generates only the amount of electrons needed to charge new particles that are constantly added to the room.

Silent air purifier with virus containment - already in the air


The technology provides effective general air cleaning, while having very strong scientific evidence on how it effectively prevents the spread of airborne viruses.

This is mainly through a seven-year research project led by Karolinska Institutet (KI) and complementary COVID-19 testing at a Spanish research institute.

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