Positive effects of air purification at IAC Skara

Summary of Measurement report: Thermosetting plastic dust at IAC Skara

IAC Skara, specialized in the production of plastic components for the automotive industry, has focused in recent years on improving the working environment in its production facilities. The production of dashboards generates dust from milling machines and during cleaning, which poses a risk of dust exposure. Following a previous measurement in 2020, four self-cleaning air cleaners (Model CellFlow IND1000SC) were installed at the milling stations to improve the working environment.

Measurement results

A new measurement was performed by Avonova Hälsa AB on January 22, 2024, to assess the exposure of staff to thermoset dust and its comparison with AFS 2018:1 Hygienic limit values. The results showed that none of the measuring stations exceeded the limit value of 3mg/m³ for thermoset dust.

  • Stationary measurement at the assembly station:

    Only 5% of the limit value, indicating a significantly lower risk of dust exposure.

  • Personal measurements on operators:

    Values between 15% and 17% of the limit value, which is a clear improvement compared to previous measurements.


The results of the latest measurement show a significant improvement, confirming that the installation of air cleaners has had a positive effect on reducing particle levels in the work environment. These positive effects underline the effectiveness of the installed air cleaners and their importance in creating a safer and healthier working environment.


We recommend industrial customers to consider similar installations of air cleaners to effectively reduce exposure to harmful particles. This is not only to comply with occupational health and safety standards and regulations, but also to create a safer working environment for employees.

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