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LightAir is your B2B expert in commercial and industrial air purification - to provide clean and healthy air in every possible environment. What is your starting point?
Thousands of installations in offices, schools and industries

Industries and warehouses

Crushingly low life cycle costs

What level of purification and life cycle cost (LCC) are you aiming for? Our solutions are easy to compare with others and even easier to choose.

Offices and workplaces

Efficient air cleaning with low noise levels

Improve wellbeing and reduce sick days in the office. With an award-winning offer, we enable you to focus on your core business.

Schools and education

Provide inclusive classrooms?

Working in education and training is effectively nurturing and developing talent. Does the environment help or hinder? Clean air promotes real inclusion and equality in the classroom.

Health care

Clean air is the basis for good health

Healthcare clinics need the healthiest possible indoor air environment - free from harmful pollution particles and contagious infections. Our references include leading university hospitals in Finland.

Hospitality industry

Cleanliness is important - so are invisible particles.

Want to make your guests feel safer and welcomed by clean and virus-free air? We are here to help - whether in hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms or gyms.

Farming and animal husbandry

Lush plants and healthy animals

Whatever the crop or animal, it is important to provide a healthy and viable production environment. Clean air is a prerequisite for successful operations, including of course in the greenhouse or animal sheds.

Hen and bird flu

Increased risk of bird flu in Europe

Avian influenza is raging in several regions of Europe. Earlier this winter, much of southern Sweden was classified as a high-risk area for further spread of this viral infection. At the same time, there are proven technologies that help us with improved virus control.

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Picture of Sto Scandinavia in Linköping
Case studies

Sto got cleaner air at lower cost

Particle-intensive industry cleans air with crushingly low life cycle costs. Read more about how Sto Scandinavia meets its tough challenges in a factory and warehouse in Linköping.

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